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Don’t Replace. Restore Those Wood Framed Windows!  Many owners of vintage homes believe that it is best to replace the original single  pane wood framed windows with wood, plastic or metal framed double pane windows,  citing energy efficiency as the major factor for the replacements.  Back in the day (when the home was built) Homes where modified as the seasons  changed. In the Spring, the home owner would remove the winter “Storm Windows”  that where basically a wood framed glass window insert, and replace them with wood  famed screened panels in preparation of the warm summer days.   This was, and still is the equivalent of a double paned window without the cost.  Additionally, double paned windows tend to leak after a period of time and have to be  replaced down the road. I determined that  building screens and storm windows for  my home was much cheaper than the original and possible replacement cost of failed  double paned windows.  This winter, we plan to install the storm windows and hang  heavy drapes over the interior windows. Kind of like putting snow tires on the car and  shaking out the goose jacket before the winter weather rolls in.  
Refurbished Double Sash Window
Coming Soon: L. Design Reclaimed Salvaged Wood Sale   L. Design Reclaimed will begin holding semi annual salvaged wood sales during the  2016 Deconstruction year during the months of May and September. If you are  planning a reclaimed wood project then this sale is for you. We will salvage beams,  boards, electrical fixtures, vintage items, building accessories and related items and  offer them for sale to the public.   L. Designed Reclaimed Furniture Sales in Bend Oregon.  We are expanding access to our reclaimed furniture and kitchen accessories. Jay &  Tanya of JT’s Hair Parlor in Bend, Oregon are providing retail space for our products  within their business space. This presents us with greater exposure and opens a new  market for our products. Need a fashionable cut or now styling? Visit JT’s. You will not  be disappointed, and you will look great! Check them out. -JT’s Hair Parlor - 530 SW  Mill View Way - Bend Oregon - (Visit Their Facebook Page)   Need Reclaimed Wood? Drop us an email! 
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